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Our Favorite Groomed Runs for When OpenSnow Calls for Bluebird Days

January 28, 2021

Corduroy shredding, groomer bombing, railroad tracks... whatever you want to call it, the recent stretch of sunny weather has been perfect for carving arcing turns on-piste. With more sunny days to come, we've partnered with OpenSnow so we always know the right equipment to bring to make the most of whatever sort of day it is on the mountain. While the fleeting beauty of a powder day is always something worth celebrating, we've rounded up a few of our favorite "old-reliable" runs that make every day on Beaver Creek feel special.

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green-circle Sawbuck

Located in Bachelor Gulch, this cruisey green winds and changes pitches enough to keep this trail interesting no matter your level. While suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, even advanced skiers can have a blast. When I was a ski instructor here, one of my favorite things to do was to commute on this run at full speed to pick up a lesson while it had fresh corduroy and was wide open. The entire Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead side of the mountain is great for cruising, so this is a great place to warm up or just enjoy low-angle carving.

noun_square_1911421 Stone Creek Meadows

All of the runs in Rose Bowl are great for on-piste action when they're groomed, but Stone Creek Meadows is the most reliably mogul-free. If you're skiing with kids, they will get a thrill out of going under the big sign into the bowl, and you can feel safe letting them get a bit ahead of you and taking their own path since there's no way to get lost on the way to the lift. This wide-open run features plenty of dips and turns that you can enjoy or avoid. C-Prime is right next door so if you feel like dipping into some moguls or off-piste terrain, you can do so and easily get back on the groomer.

noun_Diamond_1772478noun_Diamond_1772478  Golden Eagle

Looking for a real challenge that'll put you on the same trail as World Cup Racers and Olympians? Look for a day that Golden Eagle is groomed. The start of Beaver Creek's infamous downhill race course is steep enough to make even the most experienced skier's heart race. Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful view and steel yourself for a challenging and fun adventure down this legendary run.

noun_square_1911421 Roughlock

Are you a fan of Mario Kart? That's the nickname popular around ski school for this exceptionally fun run that winds over and under bridges and homes on Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead, while alternating steep, black diamond-like pitches with swerves and curves that bring out the kid in everyone. Best taken at full speed, I challenge you to not let out a whoop while on this rollercoaster ride of a run.

What are your favorite runs when the sun has been shining a few days in a row? Did we miss any favorites? Let us know in the comments.


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