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Walk on the Wild Side in Beaver Creek

January 2, 2023

Beaver Creek is an amazing town. What makes it even better is the range of adventures that you can have while you're visiting. While the town my look prim and polished, there's untamed wilderness waiting beyond the picturesque offerings. This winter, walk on the wild side in Beaver Creek! Here are a few suggestions for those looking to start exploring. 


Ski at McCoy Park 

Most ski resorts limit beginner skiers to groomed terrain around bases. Beaver Creek isn't a typical ski resorts. Now that McCoy Park has been added to the terrain, beginner skiers in Beaver Creek can build their skills in beautiful, rugged wilderness, just like advanced skiers use! McCoy's Park resembles Vail's Back Bowls- but with a beginner-friendly slope pitch. You can safely practice ski runs or test skiing on powder. All the while, you'll feel like you're skiing in the wild! 

Snowmobile Through Backcountry 

On a snowmobile, you can enter the far reaches of Beaver Creek's beautiful backcountry. Beaver Creek Snowmobiling Tours offers guided and self-guided trips so that you can venture into the rugged wilderness. You'll find an endless supply of manicured trails and pristine powder-filled bowls and meadows to explore. Get your adrenaline pumping while taking in marvelous mountain views on a snowmobile! 


Dine Off-the-Grid

Think you have to stay in town to enjoy fine dining? Not in Beaver Creek! At Tennessee Pass Cookhouse, you can enjoy a delicious, luxurious meal off-the-grid! To access this backcountry dining experience you must hike or ski up a one-mile trail. After you settle in, you can enjoy a gourmet four-course meal! The restaurant is rustic and charming- heated by woodstove, and lighted by candle and propane lanterns. There is an outhouse, and hand wash at the Cookhouse. There's nothing else like it in town! 

Have a favorite Beaver Creek adventure to recommend? Share it in the comments! 

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